2.0-// kigkonsult.se iCalcreator 2.26.9//GREGORIANPUBLISH3rd Chalkwell Bay Sea ScoutsSkills for Lifehttp://www.3rdcb.org.ukEurope/LondonEurope/LondonEurope/London2018-10-28T02:00:002019-10-27T02:00:002020-10-25T02:00:00GMT+01:00+00:002019-03-31T01:00:002020-03-29T01:00:00BST+00:00+01:00ai1ec-4163@www.3rdcb.org.uk2019-05-20T14:49:54ZCounty Backpack<p>County Backpack is a two day incident hike around the local countryside. Scouts will need to visit as many bases as possible each day, before returning back Thriftwood Scout Campsite. Each base will have a small activity to complete before moving on to the next base.</p> <p>Teams will need to attend a compulsory base at the start of the day and will then work out their own route, all bases will be manned and will have an activity and a route card to complete before moving to the next base.</p> <p>Each team must consist of 4-6 Scouts (all of Scout age) and must be able to walk with a lightweight rucksack, teams will not need to carry tents or cooking stoves, but will need lunch and equipment for a day hike.</p>Europe/London2019-03-29T17:00:00Europe/London2019-03-31T15:00:00en-GBRenown ScoutsChris Grover; cgrover@3rdcb.org.uk; https://www.essexscouts.org.uk/event/backpack/+51.616082+0.322495Thriftwood Scout Campsite @ Orchard Avenue, Brentwood, CM13 2DP0http://www.3rdcb.org.uk/event/countybackpack19/free