Our uniform is a key part of our identity, it identifies us both as Sea Scouts and as 3rd Chalkwell Bay, and you should be proud to wear it. It consists of a blue jumper, the Group’s gold & black scarf tied up in a discovery knot, and a naval rating’s cap, along with black school trousers and shoes. Between May and September, the Troop wears Square Rigs (a naval-style white cotton t-shirt) as summer uniform in place of jumpers.

We have a weekly inspection on Friday nights to help maintain standards, with prizes for the best patrol. You should keep your uniform clean, scarf and trousers ironed, shoes polished and cap cleaned.

What to wear

Our full uniform, worn during the year other than summer months, and for smart occasions consists of:

  • Navy blue “Sea Scouts” jersey
  • Square rig worn under the jersey
  • Group scarf tied in a discovery knot
  • Black long trousers without turn-ups
  • Clean black shoes
  • Sea Scout cap and tally band
  • Lanyard and Bosun’s call for PLs

Summer Uniform

During the summer months (1 May – 30 September) uniform will be a white square rig instead of jumper. Smart trousers, shoes and a cap are still required as above.

Activity Rig

For less formal events or activities a group polo shirt may be worn, with a scarf as required.

Where to buy

We have our own uniform stock that we sell at cost price. The caps especially are significantly cheaper as we can purchase them through Royal Navy stores.

You can also buy uniform online through Scout Shops.

School trousers and shoes are normal, rather than buying something especially for Scouts.

Group Scarf

Every Scout Group has a different coloured scarf to identify them by. The 3rd Chalkwell Bay Scarf is half black, and half gold. The gold half originates from the 1st Chalkwell Bay’s colour when we broke away in the 1930s.


There are a huge number of badges available to Scouts. Some of these might be to reward proficiency or endeavour in a certain skill, while others might be for time spent in the movement, for becoming a member of the next section, or for taking part in particular challenges or expeditions. We regularly work towards elements of badges and challenges on Friday nights, at weekends, and during camps & activities away.

When you are invested, we will give you the world membership badge, Royal Navy Recognition badge, as well as group, district and county badges, so sew onto your jumper.

The Chief Scout’s Silver Award, and highest Staged & Joining In badges can be transferred to your Scout jumper

The highest award in Scouts is the Chief Scout’s Gold Award, for which you have to complete a series of challenges and activities to earn. If you were a Cub or Beaver, any staged badges you earned (round blue badges with a purple boarder, such as Nights Away) can be transferred to your Scout uniform, as can the highest of any Joining In badges you may have (small squares badges with a star). You can also wear the Chief Scout’s Silver award if you gained this as a Cub.