Sea Scout Uniform

The Troop has several different uniforms depending on the activity and time of year. Details of them, and where the badges go on the jumper, are below.

Full / Winter Uniform

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  • Navy blue “Sea Scouts” jersey
  • Square rig worn under the jersey
  • Group scarf tied in a discovery knot
  • Black long trousers without turn-ups
  • Clean black shoes
  • Sea Scout cap and tally band
  • Lanyard and Bosun’s call for PLs

PDF Download Sea Scout Uniform Guide

Summer Uniform

During the summer months (1 May – 30 September) uniform will be a white square rig instead of jumper. Smart trousers, shoes and a cap are still required as above.

Activity Rig

For certain less formal events or activities a group polo shirt may be worn, with a scarf as directed.

Group Scarf

Every Scout Group has a different coloured scarf to identify them by. The 3rd Chalkwell Bay Scarf is half black, and half gold. The gold half originates from the 1st Chalkwell Bay’s colour when we broke away in the 1930s.

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