VE Day 75th Anniversary Celebrations

Friday 8 May is the 75th anniversary of the end of the Second World War in Europe, and whilst we can’t meet in person there are still loads of opportunities to celebrate as a community.

Southend Service of Remembrance

We’re working with HMS Leigh to celebrate VE Day in Southend. Part of this is an online service or Remembrance, and they’d love the Scouts (across all sections and age ranges) to make a short video in their garden/houses, in uniform if possible, talking about how they feel about VE Day, and how they think it compares to their experiences in lockdown.

Also, if you have a story that you know about from your own great grandparents or relatives that fought in WW2 we’d love to hear that too.

You can upload you video below and we’ll pass it along:

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Alternatively you can email to or WhatsApp to 07773774807.

VE Celebration Themed Activities

We’ve pulled together a few VE Day themed activities you might want to try as part of the celebrations.

VE Themed Baking Ideas

VE Themed Wordsearch

WW2 Themed Code Breaking Puzzles

Build your own flag pole out of news paper

Make your own Remembrance Poppy

Scouting in the War

During the war Scouts did all they could to follow our core principles and help with the war effort. Read more about how Scouts used their skills to help their communities during WW2.

There’s also a section in our own Group’s history about 3rdCB’s activities during WW2 – take a read through The War Years.

Lest We Forget

Skills for Life