Sunday Duty Patrol

We all have a responsibility to keep The Den clean & tidy, and to ensure that the boats are bailed regularly, particularly during the winter months. Each Sunday the Scouts and Explorers take it in turns (by Patrol/Division) to be the Sunday Duty Patrol and keep our HQ and equipment sunning properly.

Each section provides Duty Officer to oversee the work of the Duty Patrol, and The Den is open at 10.30 on Sunday. Duty Patrol should last no more than two hours and you will see that that you are Duty Patrol only twice in the year; four hours a year is all we ask so please make sure that you do your bit to help.

If the tide is out you may have to walk out on the mud in to bail out the boats. For this you will need Wellington boots and warm clothes in the winter. Please also make sure you wear old clothes as you may get dirty.

If you cannot attend Duty Patrol, please advise both your Patrol/Division Leader and your Section Leader.

Bring with you:

  • Wellington Boots (if you have to go on the mud to bail the boats)
  • Old Clothing
  • and a Change of clothes

The rota:

PDF Sunday Duty Patrol 2017-18 (All sections)

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