RYA Sailing Stage 3

21 August 2021 @ 10:00 – 22 August 2021 @ 16:30
The Den

RYA Training CentreBetter Sailing

Rigging, launching and sailing in any direction. By the end of the course you will be able to launch and sail a dinghy around a triangle in moderate conditions.


Unless agreed with the instructor team, you should have already completed the RYA Stage 2 course, plus at least 6 hours of practice logged over 3/4 sessions (either at The Den or your own sailing club).

Duration: 2 days

This is a two day course running all weekend. Attendance is required on both days to complete the course.

Cost: £15

This is to cover the RYA youth sailing logbook (if required), certificate and safety boat fuel. (This is much less than cost price). The instructors are volunteers and are not paid.

Full details on timings and what to bring will be sent two weeks before the course. Contact boating@3rdCB.org.uk if you have any further questions.

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