Group Summer Camp

27 July 2019 – 3 August 2019 all-day
Haughley Park
Section Leaders

This summer we will be holding a Group Camp for Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Explorers.

We all camp in tents for the week, with Scouts & Explorers cooking in their patrols over open fires in a back to basics style. There will be a number of activities, games and competitions throughout the week as well as a day or two off-site to the beach and/or local town.

Beavers camp for the first weekend, Cubs Saturday to Thursday, Scouts/Explorers Saturday to Saturday.

Bookings and Payment

Bookings for summer camp are now closed. To make the final payment if you haven’t already done so please visit the online bookings tool.

Kit Lists

PDF Renown Troop Kit List

PDF Solebay Troop Kit List


Drop Off: Saturday, 27th July – 10.00am. The coaches will be boarded at the large bus stop by Westcliff High School for Boys on Kenilworth Gdns. Parents can park in the playground to the rear of the boy’s school. All Scouts must be in Square rigs, Scarves, uniform trousers and uniform shoes (blue/black socks). Caps must be brought. You must also bring your Jumper for Church parade as well as your Group Polo shirt for the trip off site. Kit will be stowed in the coaches. A packed lunch is required.

Collection (Scouts/Explorers): Saturday, 3rd August – 4pm(ish). Arrive back at Leigh Railway station short stay car park at 4.00pm (depending on traffic). Please do not park in the short stay car park as it causes too much chaos and is potentially dangerous with the number of parents/scouts there. Instead please park in the long stay car park behind the station or in the smaller car park by the tip.

Cake Competition

If anyone is keen on baking please send along a cake (or small cakes) with your child. We will use these for their supper and as a bit of fun will be judged in a competition (no prizes except public recondition and glory of your baking skills!). Please do not send any chocolate or creamy cakes as we will struggle to keep them fresh, and they MUST be sent in a plastic sealable box (not just in cling film or foil) along with the Scout’s name written on.

Other Details

Medication. If your child needs to take medication whilst at camp, please inform the relevant section leader (Jon Whiteley for Renown Troop or Karen Cruiks for Solebay Troop). Do NOT send any private personal first aid kits to camp. All first aid equipment is provided. We have arranged details with the local Doctors to provide medical treatment if required. You should have completed a medical form for your son or daughter. If you think that you have not, please contact the section leader.

Pocket money. We recommend no more than £25 for the week, and please make sure that it comes in change rather than notes and in a moneybag clearly marked with the Scout’s name. This should be paid into the camp bank as this will stop it being lost, which will be open each day

The Theme day this year is Underground Stations. Scouts will need to take along fancy dress for that day. It will be judged as a Patrol Competition, so be as creative as possible. The Patrols will decide their station in advance and PLs must inform patrol members of what they plan to do, as well as what they will do with decorating their tent and site, well before we go to camp.

Advance Party. PLs on the advance party are to meet at The Den at 8.30am on Friday 26th July. Group polo shirts and uniform (incl. Jumper, square rig, trousers and shoes) do not need to be worn, but must be brought. A packed lunch will be required. Personal kit will go on the minibuses with the PLs on the Friday morning.

All PLs are required to help load the lorry on the Thursday evening (26th July) at 6pm at the Den. You should be done by about 7.30pm.