Beaver Summer Camp

24 July 2021 – 26 July 2021 all-day
Ruth Ingrosso

Our Summer Camp this year, camping with the Cubs together on the same site, and the Explorers nearby. We have found a lovely new site in Wootton, between Canterbury and Dover in Kent, and we will be camping there from Saturday 24 to Monday 26 July.

We all camp in tents for the week and there will be a number of activities, games and competitions throughout the camp.

Cost: £50

The cost of the week will be £50 which covers everything, due by Sunday 27 June.
If we are forced to cancel the camp (eg a change in COVID restrictions), we’ll provide full refunds.

How to book

We only have limited space for Beavers and sadly can’t take everyone. We can only invite the older Beavers to come to camp, and will email those parents with the details, with a password needed during booking. Once you receive this email with the password, you can book and pay online at: