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Leigh Creek Guzzlers News

Guzzlers adventures on Merrilyn

The Guzzlers took a trip across the English Channel on board one of the Rona Sailing Projects yachts, Merrilyn for a week in September. The Merrilyn trip was quite unusual as the first afternoon we had light fair winds to go from Hamble to Yarmouth but then a near gale to go to Poole where we retired to the pub. For the next 6 days we had zero wind and flat seas and motored everywhere. Continue reading Guzzlers adventures on Merrilyn

Guzzlers sail in search of oysters

The Guzzlers took a trip on ‘Calypso’ on Friday 22nd – 24th July 2016 to the Whitstable Oyster Festival. The Whitstable trip was a good one this year, with plenty of fun all round. It started with the usual dash on the Friday tide from Leigh starting at 3 hours before and arriving in Faversham around high water where we were made welcome by Iron Wharf boatyard and settled down for a late lunch. Neil organised an interesting cider tasting session on board and we then enjoyed the peaceful and serine setting of Faversham Creek before showers and hitting the town. Continue reading Guzzlers sail in search of oysters

Old Boys Guzzle at The Den

Summer has been a little hit and miss so far this year, but that didn’t stop a collection of 3rdCB’s old (and not so old) boys and girls returning for their annual reunion at The Den. The Guzzlers’ Den Day is a firm favourite in the summer calendar, getting former members of the Group together to relive their youth in the Old Town, get afloat and show off their sailing prowess (in a slightly more sedate manner than the current batch of Scouts), and tell stories around the BBQ. It was great to see some old faces, and to welcome the family of Dave Packer back to Old Leigh for the day. Some guzzling may also have occurred…

Ron Cox – Gone Home

We’re sad to announce that Ron Cox, President of The Guzzlers, former leader and Ron Coxlong-time friend of the Group, passed away on Wednesday 26th August while in hospital.

Ron lived in Wales, where he was the Scout Association’s Water Activities Advisor for Wales. But before moving away from Leigh, Ron was very active as the Group’s Rover Scout Leader in the early 1960’s. When asked to become the President of the Guzzlers in 2010 he was absolutely delighted and visited the Group as much as he could or gave his advise to the Group in his capacity of Water Advisor. For all we’ve not seen much of him he remained a dear friend of the Group and Guzzlers.

Our thoughts and prayers are with Ron’s wife Betty and his family at this very sad time.


Guzzlers Imperial War Museum Visit – 10th Feb 2015

3rdCB-CrestOn February 10th 2015 the Guzzlers will be visiting the Imperial War Museum in London for their first social activity of the year.

Meet outside at 1100hrs. Drinks & lunch will be enjoyed locally afterwards of course. Any Guzzler’s wishing to go please let Stuart Clay know on and full details will be sent a week before the visit.

If you’re not a member of the Guzzlers yet and wish to go there is still time! Please follow the link below on how to become a  fully fledged member.

Leigh Creek Guzzlers Association