GSL’s Christmas Message

Merry ChristmasAs we approach Christmas and the end of the year it is normal to reflect on the past year’s highs and lows. This year we do the same but it is important, that whilst acknowledging the lows, we do so with positivity.

It goes without saying that 2020 will go down as a year like no other, where we lost freedoms that we would normally take for granted, none greater than the ability to socialise face to face with family and friends. We have seen this impact on Scouting since March, turning upside down how we normally deliver every day activities and most especially cancelling all nights away events. We must remember restrictions placed upon us all have been in response to the most significant pandemic in living memory where many have lost their lives. None the less we look forward to feeling the benefits of a vaccine and the lessening of restrictions in the New Year so we can once again enjoy each other’s company without restriction.

This year much has been achieved:

  • The building project has seen significant progress which we will benefit from greatly next year;
  • A brand-new RIB is being ordered, capable of supporting next year’s sailing sessions, powerboat training and expeditions;
  • The Leaders, Young Leaders and other adults continued to commit many hours to keep the Group moving forward;
  • Membership Fees were reduced by 50% to support families through the unsettled period;
  • By November we saw our youth membership only reduce by 8% which is fantastic;
  • Sections continued to meet online and where possible face to face;
  • and hopefully but most importantly: we have all been able to enjoy Scouting in some form throughout the year.

I not only want to thank all our Leaders, Young Leaders and other adults that have kept the Group going in the face of unprecedented circumstances, but also our youth members and parents who have continued to believe in the benefits of Scouting with 3rd Chalkwell Bay.

I’m reassured that all of Santa’s journey is deemed essential, so he can get out with his sleigh and help give us all an enjoyable Christmas.

So now the most important part of this message: to wish you all and your families a very Merry Christmas, and a happy, active, social New Year that allows us to return to what we all enjoy about Scouting, and most especially 3rd Chalkwell Bay.

Dan Parsons
Group Scout Leader