Den Ground Floor Refurbishment

Concept for the refurbishment and expansions of The Den’s Ground Floor. (There are a few subtle changes on the final version).

At the end of February 3rdCB management team held an exciting and productive meeting (so far as committee meetings can be) so move forward with plans to redesign the ground floor of our HQ. After a lot of hard work we have agreed the prime contractor and tender, and plans are ready with only minor adjustments remaining.

We’re hoping for work to start in a matter of weeks to expand our facilities, with phase 1 offering larger changing rooms, new facilities for leaders, and a dedicated classroom to teach water-based skills in. In due course we’ll be redeveloping the boating yard as well, resurfacing it and building a dedicated camp store / boat maintenance building.

We’re very grateful to the many organisations and individuals, too numerous to mention, who’ve donated their time, skills and funding to us so we can move ahead with the project. If you or an organisation you work with are able to provide financial or technical support to us as we move forward with our expansion project, please get in touch.