Boating News: Inspection Success and Change at the Top

Two bits of good news on the boating front this week: We’ve passed the annual RYA Inspection of our facilities & methods, and a new Chief Instructor is taking the reigns of the boating team.

Sailing through the RYA Inspection

The Group had its annual Royal Yachting Association inspection on Thursday 19 November, where an RYA inspector checks through all of our operating procedures, emergency action plans and health & safety policies, as well as physically inspecting all our safety equipment and fleet of boats.

We’re pleased to say that we passed the inspection without issue, and will be able to continue to provide worldwide recognised RYA training and certificates to our members. The inspector was particularly impressed to see and hear about the ongoing improvement projects in our HQ, such as the new classroom, changing rooms and proposed new boating shed and launch facilities, as well as being near the end stage of selecting and purchasing a new RIB to complement our current fleet.

At a time when most, if not all, water-based activity providers are struggling, he was very pleased and impressed to see us making the most of the ‘downtime’ to improve our facilities and the opportunities for our young people.

A massive thank you to all those that help in providing activities and training on the water at the Den, and to those involved in the numerous improvement projects we are currently undertaking. Let’s hope we get to go afloat a bit more next year!

New Chief Instructor and Boating Team Manager

We’re also seeing a change in leadership with the boating team, and overseeing the RYA Inspection was Chris McHugh’s final act as Principle and Chief Instructor; after many years at the helm of 3rdCB’s water activities Chris McHugh is standing down to dedicate more time to his family.

We’re pleased to announce Asst Sea Scout Leader and RYA Senior Instructor Chris Grover is stepping up to take over as Chief Instructor and manager of the boating team – Intrepid Water Activities ASU; we have every confidence that he will take this team forward and develop the Group’s water activities programme over the forthcoming years.

Group Scout Leader Dan Parsons said “I would like to thank Chris McHugh for all that his has done leading the team to deliver the Group’s sailing programme.” Bugsy isn’t leaving completely, and will continue as a boating coordinator for the next year or so to see through the new RIB & building projects, and also to aid the transition of responsibilities. GSL Dan will take over as RYA Principle to oversee the management of the RYA Scheme.