Guzzlers sail in search of oysters

The Guzzlers took a trip on ‘Calypso’ on Friday 22nd – 24th July 2016 to the Whitstable Oyster Festival. The Whitstable trip was a good one this year, with plenty of fun all round. It started with the usual dash on the Friday tide from Leigh starting at 3 hours before and arriving in Faversham around high water where we were made welcome by Iron Wharf boatyard and settled down for a late lunch. Neil organised an interesting cider tasting session on board and we then enjoyed the peaceful and serine setting of Faversham Creek before showers and hitting the town.

Silly o’clock next morning, about 0300 found us foaming down the creek to anchor at Harty Ferry so as not to get stranded in Faversham by the tide. Lunchtime loomed and we went ashore using the dinghy to the pub where I had about the best steak ever. They keep a herd of prime beef cattle at the farm next door.

We were joined by some 25 hovercraft, not sure what that was all about. Unfortunately someone had forgotten to get fuel for the outboard and Neil broke an oar on the first trip back to Calypso, much paddling ensued. To get the second three back on the boat, we beached up the concrete hard and they had to wade out and climb a ladder to get back on board. I though it hilarious but not of us all agreed. In the afternoon we steamed to Whitstable where barge Greta made us welcome and the varying delights of the oyster festival were enjoyed. After breakfast and a few fortifying Guinness’s we steamed triumphant back to Leigh on Sunday.