Guzzlers adventures on Merrilyn

The Guzzlers took a trip across the English Channel on board one of the Rona Sailing Projects yachts, Merrilyn for a week in September. The Merrilyn trip was quite unusual as the first afternoon we had light fair winds to go from Hamble to Yarmouth but then a near gale to go to Poole where we retired to the pub. For the next 6 days we had zero wind and flat seas and motored everywhere.

As usual, the company was good and food excellent, Alderney, Cherbourg and Cowes were visited. As there was no wind for sailing, we hired bikes on Alderney and had a brilliant day cycling round with cold beers at the end to reward our labours. Once in Cherbourg, as the wind was still predicted to be nil, Neil suggested staying for a day and visiting some Normandy beaches sites. This turned out to be a great idea as we had trips on local buses and visited St Marie Eclise and one of the beaches. All in all, though almost no sailing was done, the trip was enjoyed by all.