Guzzler Events 2016

A wide range of events and social meetings planned within the Leigh Creek Guzzler Association for 2016, please see the following planned events. Further details will be confirmed closer to the event date.3rdCB-Crest

Days Out
On Tuesday 1st March 2016 we will visit Chatham Historic Dockyard, travelling by road in time to meet outside the entrance at 1100. Lunch can be enjoyed at some stage of our visit at the Wagon Stop Canteen, perhaps having a pint in The Ship & Trades before departing. Entrance is £16.50 at present. I will send out more details a week or more before the visit and will ask for an email from you if you are going so that transport can be beneficially arranged.

Social Meeting 1
The Winter Pub Night is on Tuesday March 22nd 2016 at The Smack at 20.15.

Boat Trip 1
Once again we are looking at the possibility of getting a Narrow / Canal Boat for 10 of us for a week in April 2016 but it is dependent on the numbers of those wishing to go. We are looking at a slot roughly 8th – 15th April 2016, perhaps in the Oxford / Rugby area. Cost is expected to be in the region of £220 per person. Please get back to me by email by 23rd November, latest, if you are interested in going so some further enquiries can be made.

Recruiting / Den Day
We would like to have this on Saturday 4th June 2016 but the date is not yet confirmed as we don’t know as yet if The Den is available. Meet at 1030, HW is at 1240 so we could get some sailing in before having a beer in the afternoon. We would like to have a mix of GUZZLERS to be around to welcome those who might like to recreate the fun they had in days gone by and to see & use the boats and facilities at The Den.

Social Meeting 2
Summer Pub Night Tuesday 12th July 2016 – Crooked Billet from 1900 to take in the sun and have a beer. Fish & Chips was available last year from a Fish Bar under the Flyover.

Boat Trip 2
We hope that ‘Calypso’ will be available to go to Whitstable for the Oyster Festival departing from Bell Wharf on 22nd July, returning on 24th July 2016.

Boat Trip 3
GUZZLERS sailing on RSP ‘Merrilyn’, 10th – 16th September 2016. She is an Ocean 62 schooner which we be chartering. Those wishing to go should register their interest straight away with Andy Clapham by sending an email to or calling 07952 923251. Priority will be given to those who crewed in 2015.

Boat Trip 4
We will look into what arrangements can be made to repeat our trip on PS Waverley; but this time sailing between Southend / Whitstable / Southend, which is likely to be in early October 2016.

Social Meeting 3
AGM Tuesday 11th October 2016 at The Den at 2000, this will be followed by a Pub Night at The Smack on completion of the AGM.

Social Meeting 4
Shall we have a local Trafalgar Night in 2016 or would you like to arrange it? Please discuss it at the Winter Pub Night and make your suggestions to one of the committee. We have another Committee Meeting in April to discuss such matters. We know that there may be some of our members who are keen on repeating the function locally which would include our other halves as well.