Old Leigh Regatta 2012

Old Leigh Regatta is just around the corner, and this year will be held in Old Leigh on the weekend of 15th & 16th of September, and we need your help to make it a success.

This is one of our biggest fundraising events of the year, providing not only much-needed funds for 3rdCB and the other Scout Groups in Old Leigh, but also raising money for local charities.

As part of the fund raising efforts, we sell raffle tickets and programmes in the Old Town the weekend before the regatta (8-9 Sept), and need volunteers for both of these dates, so if you can help out for a few hours on either day please do let us know. The sales prior to the actual event  help re-coup some of the expenses if the event weekend turns out to be a wash-out.

We also need help with running a variety of stalls over the regatta weekend, with money from the Scout stalls going going straight to the fundraising effort. To help with planning please do let us know in advance if you can help out. One of the popular stalls run by the Scout Groups is the plant stall, this is an all-profit making arrangement, we are asking for your contributions of plants by mid-July at the latest please, just bring them down to The Den and we will arrange safe storage and care.

The usual requests for filling shoe boxes, bottles, unwanted gifts suitable for prizes, books, bric a brac and chipped china will be sent out in due course please think of the needs for the Regatta in the meantime and be ready when the pleading letters arrive via your children.

More information about Leigh Regatta is on the website at oldleighregatta.co.uk.