Explorer Scouts Update

There are exciting developments afoot to create a new Explorer Scout Units linked directly to the Group. Although still linked with the Scout District the new Units will be able to reflect the Group involved. i.e. 3rd Chalkwell Bay would be primarily water orientated while still embracing the other challenges that Explorer Scouting offers. If we go ahead with following this offered route, Ganges, the current Unit meeting at The Den would move off to another venue within Southend West District. The newly formed Unit would be known as “3rd Chalkwell Bay Explorer Unit”, wear our old gold and back scarf and be another Section, completing our ”family” of Beaver Scouts, Cub Scouts and Sea Scouts along with our parallel Crew in Solebay Sea Rangers for the 14-18 year old age range.

To effect this we need offers of help, I know we now have many “old” boys and girls returned with their own children and who are eager to ensure that these children experience the fun, learning, training and life lessons that they had for themselves within the blanket of 3 rd Chalkwell Bay. (Many reminisce of the times at Group Camps where the antic of the Venture Unit remain in the memories of all Campers involved! ) We have offers from the current Scout Leader Team to get this new style Unit off the ground, we’ve also had some offers from experienced Leaders from within the District and from one of our ex-Venture Scouts to assist here. There is a whole lot of expertise out there, some learnt with Chalkwell Bay and Solebay, some rusty, but many well up to date, to ensure the best for the youngsters within our care currently and secure future resources for those still yet to join us please come forward with you offers of help, to me or any other Leader. Relive your own Scouting life by passing on your skills to this challenging, exciting and formative age group. How it progresses is in your hands now!