Camp Cooking Equipment Upgrades

On our Summer Camp, the Scouts and Rangers cook their meals on open fires. Up until now they have used what we call a hot plate, which is basically a large rectangular sheet of metal that is placed on bricks or logs over the flames. These have served us well over the many years but they have now come to the end of their lives (bent badly out of shape and crumbling away) and we feel that they are now not the safest option for cooking over an open fire.

We have therefore been looking at suitable replacements and have found an excellent alternative. This is called the Ghyllwell Grate and is made by a company based in Sussex. The grills are made of steel and have adjustable legs which means that they can stand over the fire without the need for bricks or logs that can slip and cause the old hot plate to fall. It also has a safety rail round the edge that stops pans sliding off. They are made to order and cost £125 each.

We have set the PL’s and Bosun’s a challenge to raise money to help pay for their own grill as each patrol and watch will be getting a new grill to replace the old hot plates. If you have any fundraising ideas that the patrols & watches can use, please do let us know and support the PL’s and Bosun’s fundraising efforts.