Parent Support Group

The role of the Parent Support Group

Fundraising supportThe Parent Support Group was set up to allow the leaders to take a step back from some of the fundraising and give them time to concentrate on what they’re kindly donating their time to do – entertain and educate our kids! When our kids are enjoying scouting activities we get some free time and so giving one or two hours back seems only fair. We are keen to avoid lots of meetings and just purely focus on doing a few fundraising events to generate some much needed funds for the whole group which pays for the day-to-day running of 3rd CB and keeps subscription fees down for all of us.

How can you get involved

The parent support group has only just been formed and we’d love to have some more parents get involved. Also, it would be great to hear about any great fundraising ideas you may have.

Doing your bit

Question MarkThe jumble sale example:

  • Help on the day
    For the whole event, or equally, just to help set up the stalls or clear the den after the event. Any assistance, even for part of the event, would be greatly appreciated.
  • Pop in to show support
    If you have plans that day, why not just fly in, say hi, grab a tea and a bargain and then fly back out the door.
  • Start the ball rolling
    It’s appreciated that some people may work at the weekends or have commitments on the day of the event. If so, perhaps you could make a small token donation to get the funds started. For those giving up their time to run the events it would certainly be a welcome boost to start the day with a few pounds in the kitty already.
  • Got an idea?
    All ideas are welcomed and will be investigated.

Don’t forget

Always keep 3rd CB front of mind if you, or someone you know, is giving anything away. Any unwanted Christmas/birthday presents, etc, can be used as great raffle prizes. Please send them to the Den, marked ‘raffle’, at any time of the year.

A drop in the ocean

fundraising-boatHowever successful one of the fundraising ideas maybe, it’s unlikely to come close to the amount corporate sponsorship could provide for the Group. If your company does such a thing, please take the time just to investigate the possibilities.

Find out more

No endless meetings. Just an hour or two here and there to help fund the great work the leaders do in entertaining and educating our kids. Ask how you can get involved and get onboard!

For more information, speak to one of the Parent Support Group (one of the leaders can point you in the right direction). Alternatively, email Andy at

Upcoming fundraising activities

Fundraising Team Meeting
Feb 28 @ 20:15 – 21:15

Now is your chance to join us as a member of the Fundraising Team.

We are aiming to meet just four times a year at the Den for an hour to talk fundraising or the running of an event. We understand all lead busy lives but more hands make light work and all the Group benefit from every penny raised.

We have had some amazing helpers in the past and received great support for our events, which have funded activities, equipment and the general-running of the Group. We would like to thank them all for their hard work, whether it have been brainstorming fundraising ideas or assisting run an event and we hope they will join us again for another successful year!

The first meeting will be held on Wednesday 28 February at 20:15 at the Den, this is just to say hi, discuss ideas and start planning the fundraising year ahead (tea/coffee will be provided). Please come along it would be great to see you.

Fortune Garden Fundraiser
Mar 18 @ 17:30 – 19:30

On Sunday 18th March at 5.30pm we will be having a social/fundraising evening for families and friends of 3rdCB at Fortune Garden Chinese Restaurant, 1159-1161 London Road, Leigh-on-Sea to raise funds for 3rd Chalkwell Bay.

The prices are £16 for adults and £8 for children (under 10 years old), which will include a three-course meal with a good selection of choices. Options can be provided for Vegetarians, Pescatarians and Vegans – please indicate this on the form .

Rather than provide tickets, we will be confirming your places by either Facebook (on our secure 3rd CB page) or by text message, depending on your preference. That way everyone can see who is going and arrange tables together if required. I will do my best to accommodate any seating requests.

We are also planning to hold a raffle during the evening, and would welcome donations of prizes – please let me know if you would like to donate a prize or if you have any business contacts who might like to donate a raffle prize to our worthwhile cause.
It’s a great opportunity for a night out with family and friends and I hope to see as many of you there as possible. It should be a great night!

How to book

Print and return the slip in the letter below to The Den with payment.

PDF Fortune Garden Letter and Reply Slip

Join the adventure