Sea Scouting on land at Summer Camp

One of the highlights of the Scouting calendar is the annual summer camp. The year the Cubs were back at Glemham Hall, and was the biggest camp they have had in a while – 28 Cubs and 6 Beavers! The weather wasn’t fantastic but that didn’t seem to matter they all had a wonderful time camping going on hikes, cooking sausages over open fires and singing around the camp fire.

The two Scout Troops were just down the road at Marlesford Hall, another favourite. The Scouts lived under canvass and cooked on open fires in patrols, completing a packed programme including an assault course, a visit to Aldeburgh, Patrol hikes, and an enterprise afternoon to see which patrol was the most business minded. The Scouts also worked towards a variety of badges: outdoors challenge, camper and chef badges for most, whilst the older ones learn how to survive in the wild on the survival skills badge.

The Explorer Unit headed south for a change to a new site in Folkstone, located within a small clearing within a wooded area, giving access to an almost endless supply of wood (the Explorers do like their fires!). The location allowed a couple of visits into Folkestone for a day at the beach as well as a trip to a swimming pool, and a visit Dover Lifeboat Station which was very informative and educational. Despite some very enjoyable camp meals cooked over open fire, the Explorers all identified the Chinese takeaway as the meal of the week.