Scouts cleaning up the Old Town

Scouts cleaning up rubbish thrown onto the mud around Victoria Wharf.

Renown Sea Scouts have done their good deed for the week. Friday’s Troop meeting during half term was planned as Mud Olympics, but when we got to The Den there was huge amounts to rubbish that had been dumped in the sea around Victoria and Bell Wharfs near to our HQ in Old Leigh. Before starting the evenings main activities the Scouts duly got stuck in and cleaned the area up, before the incoming tide spread it all along the foreshore, and making it safe for others to go out without risking cutting themselves on the broken glass. Job done, the Scouts got on with the more entertaining Olympic Games on the mud.

This was never intended as a fundraising or publicity stunt, but after the story was quickly picked up on social media (782 shares and 4.3k “likes”) and local news, people from around the country were keen to make a donation to the Scouts – these totalled £325! We were a bit taken by surprise by all the fuss, for us this is just normal business, and we’re really very grateful to those who made a donation which will go towards replacing our fleet of sailing dinghies. Thank you all!